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02-13-2013, 09:32 PM
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Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
When Montreal was dominant, up until the early parts of the 90's, they had enforcers. Todd freaking Ewen was there in the 90's. No virtuoso either.

A team needs one. The last team to ever think the opposite was Buffalo. They have changed their minds. Now the Last Mohicans are the Habs.
Ya, Montreal also had scraps like Roy, Carbo, LeClair, Desjardins, Muller, Damphousse, Turgeon, should I continue??
That's why they were dominant, not because they had Todd Ewen. They would have dominated just as much without him or Mario Roberge.

However, I wouldn't be against bringing an enforcer, actually I'm for it. If it's to have guys like Weber just warming up the press box with Kaberle, or having a guy like Armstrong who doesn't bring much anyways, might as well bring in someone with a true purpose.
I also think your competition dictates things. If you competition has players that come in, try to run you over, go after your captain without any fear, laugh at your players will punching them, time to adjust.
I wanted John Scott this summer, was sad to see him go to Buffalo. He's not the best fighter, but thanks to his size, he intimidates a load of players and boy how sweet would it have been to see him bash Thornton's head in Mtl? (Although not applauding Thornton's concussion, will never be joyed by someone getting seriously hurt).

Considering our current line up, we definitely should grab one. We have the room to put one in, I also think it's important to have someone that can hang with the best in the league when we have 18yo future star on our roster.
But most importantly, we play in a division filled with teams that carry them. We see those teams for most of the season, we need to have someone in whenever we face them.

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