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Originally Posted by Partisan du CH View Post
We could compare Matt Cooke's case to one of a convicted serial killer, trying to convince people that his latest murder was just an accident.

I'm sorry, but the burden is on his shoulders. If he cannot prove, without a doubt, that this was not intentional, then the appropriate sanctions should be taken against him.

What really blows my mind is how some people are still giving him the benefit of the doubt. Seriously, what more do you need, guys?

Here are 2 FACTS :

1- With the images that we have, it's impossible to say without a doubt if the Cooke/Karlsson incident was intentional or not. Anybody that is drawing clear conclusions out of it is clueless.

2- Matt Cooke is the dirtiest hockey player of the modern era and has a history of landing cheap shots on star players with the intent of injuring them.

The logical conclusion should be : With the evidence that we have, we need to consider it as a possibility that Cooke might have injured Karlsson intentionally.

Shanahan inquiry and interviews should, hopefully, help resolve this.
A lengthy suspension would not affect the Penguins greatly but the act will have a terrible effect on the Senators. I'm in favor of suspending Cooke for the rest of the season. His previous gross misconduct should be taken into maximum consideration.

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