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Name: Kenny (Shiloh)
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Hometown: Mesa, AZ
Height: 5'11
Weight: 175
Location: South Bay, CA
Occupation: Not allowed to say
Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad
Favorite food: Italian
Favorite Coyote: OEL, Vermette, Boedker
Favorite non-Coyote: Duchene
Next or other favorite team: I like Philly and Colorado
How else is hockey in your life?: Played growing up. I was the goon.
Favorite Coyotes moment: 2009 Playoffs Debut
How and when did you become a Coyote fan?: i became a fan in a very sentimental way. I had a rough childhood in which i lost connection to both of my parents to drugs and prison. I was emancipated at age 12, and started jumping from household to household trying to find a permanent home with my little sister by my side. I started military training around the same age (12) through specific programs, and met a war veteran who saw my situation and became our surrogate grandfather. My sister and i were not in good homes, environments, or neighborhoods, so he took action and bought us season tickets to the Coyotes, since he knew i played hockey, and he was already a season ticket holder. The Coyotes became my safe haven, they literally saved me from a lot. I will never forget how i became a fan, and i owe it all to a great, selfless man who took my sister and I as if were his own. He passed right before the start of last season, but his legacy lives on with the Coyotes in my eyes. May he rest in peace, and go Yotes!

EDIT: Saw the other biography thread from a while ago, like the picture idea, gives a face to the name. rt, you're a party animal! New category.

Face to the name:

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