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07-08-2006, 11:58 PM
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A logjam at the center position?

I was curious of what everyone's take is with what we are going to do with the center position. Obviously Nylander, and Cullen are basically guarenteed spots. Who fills the other two spots? I think most of us want to see Immonen up, but then he takes either Betts, or Moore's spot. Also there is the talk of Greg Moore having a legitimate shot at a spot. Now I am all for Betts, Moore, Immonen, and G. Moore, fighting for a spot at training camp. However what happens with the players that dont win a spot. Dominic Moore I'm sure would not be happy at all about going to the minors, but it is possible he could be moved to wing. Betts is another guy who I dont think would be willing to go to the minors again. Immonen, has nothing new to learn in the minors. G. Moore would probably not put up a fuss of being sent back down, however, if he can provide more than the others, he obviously should not be sent down. Personally I would love to see immonen, and G. Moore win spots, have D. Moore moved to wing, because I dont want to lose his penalty killing, and then maybe Betts moved for a pick. What are your guy's thoughts?

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