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02-13-2013, 09:58 PM
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i understand how some, even many, view it as "accidental"...

i just don't see it that way.

look at the video again (slow or fast, albeit harder to notice at full speed), and focus not on his foot, but on his hips and his center of balance/gravity.

when he steps down toward Karlsson's leg, his hips/balance don't shift at all to the left, which is pretty solid evidence that he wasn't extending his left leg with the purpose of putting it to the ice/bearing weight on it.
why else would he bring his foot down if not to put weight/balance on it?

also, when you look again at his balance/hips as he lifts the foot away after stepping on Karlsson, there is again no shift whatsoever. That right leg is firmly planted and loaded with all of his weight through both the extension and retraction of his kicking leg...

anyone who has dabble in martial arts will appreciate the importance of 1-legged balance/stability while executing most forms of kick.

do I think Cooke was trying to cut Karlsson? who knows (though his past history certainly indicates an individual with very little regard/empathy for his peers).

but I think the video evidence I've seen makes it pretty clear that his leg went down and up with no other reasonable purpose but to initiate contact with Karlsson... while it might have been intended as just a little nudge or extra shot, and while he may have lost the awarness of how dangerous a skate blade can be, the outcome is what it is.

imo not much different than chara's incident with Pacioretty. for all his excuses, which the league and many other observers bought completely, the video (and past history) evidence there also showed an act that was done with intent, even if the outcome achieved may not have been the full intention.

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