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02-13-2013, 10:00 PM
I love the Draft!!
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Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post
Actually something I wondered with watching Isles this year and years past that I thought of bringing up here but decided not too because I wasn't sure how it would be received

Plenty of youth is coming into league on top teams but some of the lower tier teams seem to be loaded with fading vets/average talent blocking some of the youth

Hawks broke Leddy into NHL as a 20 yr old ,, Saad is on our team as 20 yr old rookie this year

I was expecting more of a youth push by Isles in recent years
And meanwhile some people on these Islander boards argue as if it is a proven mathematical formula that a certain amount of rookies in the lineup means 4 years until you make the playoffs, 5 years to actually make any noise, etc...

I suggested having Anders Lee (who is a 22/23 yr old 225 lb man), Brock Nelson (21/22 yrs old, 6'3), and two top 5 overall picks in Ryan Strome and Nino in next year's lineup, and I was almost flogged..... People reply as if it's impossible.. I'd rather have 4 rookies that have earned a spot in the lineup over fading vets...
How has that fading vet formula worked for all you guys the past 15 years????? Not all that good........

It's not like I suggested throwing four 18 year old kids that were just drafted this past draft into the lineup.... Like I said, Lee is the same age as Tavares and built like a beast. Not much more he could accomplish in college hockey. Nelson is 21, will be 22 by next season and very polished. Strome and Nino are having amazing years, so suggesting they make next year's team is not just possible, it is likely....

I didn't say hand them spots.... I fully believe if given the chance, they will earn those spots hands down over the Marty Reasoner/Boulton's of the world... Perhaps even better than Boyes.

The bottom line is we could never sign or trade for a vet with the type of talent of Strome, Nino, Nelson, etc because they just aren't available at a reasonable price... You need to draft those guys..... And there is no formula on how many rookies you can have in the lineup at once.... If they are ready (and that much more talented than a given vet FA anyway), then let them get out there and start their development.

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