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02-13-2013, 10:01 PM
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The atmosphere at Canucks games is terrible. I'm a middle-aged woman who appreciates noise and loud support. I hate sitting in the lower bowl, no matter how good the view is, because I'm always surrounded by bumps on a log who hardly move except to stuff their faces with food or drink.

I was at the Minnesota game but couldn't hear the Southsiders at all (had centre ice tickets and seriously, would have traded them for upper bowl). We need more noise and support for the team so I don't like the way this was handled. The attendants at the game are so over the top and jumpy it's ridiculous. If other fans complain, they should be asked to be respectful of people around them, but security shouldn't be noise nazis. It's pathetic. It is a game after all and these were the nosebleeds.

Just one thing though, I grew up with soccer and saw many games, years ago, standing in the terraces at Chelsea. Sorry Southsiders, but chants and singing don't go with hockey. It's almost embarrassing and I don't know why. Leave it for soccer and please drop fake Brit accents when chanting. It drove me nuts at Whitecaps games.

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