Thread: Confirmed with Link: Jets Acquire Tangradi From Penguins
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02-13-2013, 10:05 PM
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Originally Posted by peter sullivan View Post
last i checked you dont get extra points in the standings for acquiring players without paying much.....the 'build by waver wire' approach has not been fruitful thus far.

fact is, other than jokinen every transaction Chevy has made has been fringe players who have not worked out.....we wont look back at his legacy and say, yeah he missed the playoffs every year but he was good at signing guys for the league minimum.

in the end its about winning...who cares what it cost....your points are not pro-rated against how much you spend....i couldnt care less how much a player makes....a cheap bad player is worse than a mediocre expensive one in my opinion.

montoya had the 43rd best save percentage in the league last of only a few worse than pavalec.....i dont buy that there were no other options.....there are lots of options...there are 60 NHL goalies....make a trade...why else is Chevy there?
Firstly, it's been one year. Second, Chevy has stated he's not going to make a splash for the sake of making a splash. What other options should have Chevy tried in getting a backup goaltender? You tell me what he should have done.

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