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02-13-2013, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
For one thing, you`d lose competitiveness in the short-term and maybe even long-term depending how long it takes for prospects to develop. Second, I doubt owners would buy into the idea of potentially losing over an extending period of time and potentially losing money.
Competitiveness in the short term doesn't matter. In fact it would probably benefit us with a higher pick.

As for the owners... who the hell knows? Depends on his mindset. If he cares about cups though he'd be smart to do it.

And I don't see how losing those players condemns us to losing forever.
Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Unfortunately, is a market society, what is to be lost be shipping away players is potential dollars. That is why every year we see teams wanting to be competitive no matter what rather than looking to sell players for futures. As an owner, you want to minimize uncertainty, dealing vets doing reasonably well for uncertainty in the future wont go over well with them.
Again depends on your goals. If the target is 8th place you're right. If it's to win a cup then it's a different story.
Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Actually yeah, I did do it with that mindset. Trading Cole, Gionta and Bourque for 1st rounders is a no brainer. Dealing Plekanec and Markov only for 1sts...not so smart.

Dealing Gionta, Bourque and Cole just to get rid of "mediocre vets who probably wont win anything", not so sure, especially since at this point, I doubt youd get anything more than a 3rd for either of the 3.
Okay, well your post to Millers Time suggests otherwise but you're definitely right about us not getting firsts for Cole Gionta or Bourque...

I think your post was more in the vein of... look how stupid these rebuilders are and you weren't counting on us coming back and showing you that it would actually benefit us. I guess it doesn't really matter though.

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