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02-13-2013, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
In the short-term that is not a very good team. In the long-term we`re banking on too many unknowns. Also, not much veteran support to surround the youth, which could turn out bad.
*this is all crazy talk anyways, were not getting 5 extra first round picks this year both b/c the team isn't moving all of those guys, and because many of them wouldn't get 1st picks* (imo)

caveat aside...

in the long term, we are always banking on many unknowns...

markov staying healthy and/or re-signing after next year = unknown
Gionta staying healthy, avoiding further decline next season, extending beyond next year = unknown

cole... bourque... same thing. Pleks is about the safest bet of that bunch to deliver what we need from him (in terms of minimum level).

I definitely agree with the importance of veteran support for youth... but on the other hand, we've had a pretty solid group of veterans the last 5-7 years, and our track record with "supporting youth" has been dismal.

I think that's more of an organizational thing, and with the right management/coaching support, I think Gorges/Prust/Moen + whatever 3-4 vets we added to fill out the roster, + MaxPac/Price/Subban growing into leadership roles, would be just fine.

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
If it were this easy, more teams would do it, but it seldom happens because it just isnt a sure fire way to build a contender. No matter how many 1st round picks you get, in the end, its still a gamble over a proven player.
ur right, ending up with 6 first round draft picks, in a draft viewed as the deepest in a decade (remains to be seen, of course), isn't "that easy"... but don't forget that this is your scenario (as tongue in cheek as it may have been).

luck is a factor, of course, but in having 6 first round picks (again, in a deep year), is about as surefire a way any team could get close to loading the odds in their favor that they end up with better player(s) than the veterans moved out.

what's more, in your scenario, the vets we are moving, while "proven" certainly aren't the type of players (except a healthy Markov, and in a reach, plekanec) that are hard to acquire.

factor in that 3 of them are on contracts that very few, if any, teams would give them were they UFA's tomorrow, and I'd say that the "gamble", in this scenario, is about as stacked in our favor as you can get.

it's like Vince Vaughn said in Swingers... "you always double down"...

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
As for the current team, aside from the D in the short-term, I dont think the habs are all in that bad a shape, long-term. A couple of prospects pan out (especially on D), one or two smart signings could be significant.

I'm not for moving Plekanec at this point (unless massive overpayment), ditto for Markov.

Gionta/Cole/Bourque, on the other hand, I would move if it meant adding a first round pick this year for any one of them.
there are more than enough average top-6 players available this summer as UFA's, likely a few more to come available as teams adjust to the cap reduction, and imo none of those 3 are giving us enough consistency of performance to keep them off the market at the right price.

how good our prospect/young player situation looks right now is exactly why I'd be in favor of "gambling" a bit on moving some of those vets.

add another 2-4 quality (even if not the Galch-type elite level) prospects to our group, and it would just put us in that much better of a situation to mould the franchise into the perennial winner we all want to enjoy.

it can certainly be done with some astute management of the players we have, it just might take a bit longer b/c the draft remains the single best way to quickly add elite level talent to an organization (not just in drafting/developing a stud, but also in leveraging quality prospects/picks into an already established elite player who for whatever reasons needs to get traded).

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