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02-13-2013, 11:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
This is basically brushing this under the carpet. Brodziak had his fans here and mostly people that followed the sensible two way play of his. I was a fan myself, criticizing letting him walk myself, and at the time, with other posters agreeing it was a mistake.
No, I agree with you, didn't like the trade much myself. But again, it was a sideshow to a greater problem within the decision-making process of the team at the time.

It also wasn't a hockey trade, but the straight up dump of a player by an organization that struggled to objectively assess talent on it's own team.

Nobody needs to "absolve" Souray of anything. He had legitimate claims about the handling of injured players by this org, and its medical team, which the team summarily fired months after claiming Souray was a cancer for critiquing the org. I guess the other play could've been acknowledging his concerns all along and working with him. The team basically undermined their own asset, who they continue to pay for, because poor Tambo was asshurt.
The Oilers handled it poorly, but Souray was just as culpable in the proceedings. Injuring himself a week before the trade deadline in a petty revenge fight, and then turning the entire proceedings into a public circus show so that 29 other teams wanted nothing to do with his contract, not even on re-entry waivers.

it was a bad trade at the time and I said so at the time. Teubert? No way. That was the live body? No point. Guy was not going to be an NHL player and plain as day.
We we're lucky to get someone like Klefbom with a 19th pick but even that isn't a given as he has to recover from missing a whole lot of hockey. Could hurt his development a lot.
The 1st was the point in what was pretty clearly a rebuilding move. Always figured Tuebert was a throw-in, and was suprised they managed to get a 1st for Penner in the first place(I'm probably not the only one out there that was suprised either.)

A bad trade? Maybe - Penner is setting the bar low, and Kelfbom is still a ways away.

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