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02-13-2013, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Roulin View Post
Actually, it's now Karlsson, Spezza, Cowen, Latendresse, Regin and Michalek. Meanwhile the Habs are only missing Nokelainen. So how much is "protection" and how much is dumb luck?
And this is all you have to hang your hat on.


You are the one making the claim for some magical protection from injuries by having a team that can stand up and fight against the tough teams in the NE.

But you know that. Most everyone knows that. But that little red herring fallacy that you and a few others on this thread throw out is just that......a fallacy that you project upon the people who want this team to be tougher and have a level of respect.

But you know that as well.

So I will say this again. Enforcers will not protect skaters from getting sliced by an opponent. They will not prevent concussions when players are hit hard. They will not prevent broken bones or the high elbows.

No, they will allow the game of hockey to be played the way its supposed to be played. A great example of that is the last Buffalo Boston game........a clean affair save for Campbell's fight against Kaleta. That game was won on skill because Buffalo now has the manpower to combat the Bruins goonery.

Maybe you dont know that or dont care. Not for me to decide.

But please, for the sake of intellectual honesty, the biggest majority of the fans who want an enforcer know that this will not stop injuries. So quit projecting that and pointing out all of the Bruins injuries, or even worse, the injury to Karlsson tonight.

Thank you.

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