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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Well, it's four months later, and I've bought and listened to every single solo album by John, Paul and George at least 5 times (if not more) and I can definitely say that George is the hipster answer.

I missed your original response to the statement or I'd have replied back then, and my answer wouldn't have been nearly as informed as it is now (back then I had just a "best of" by each of the three). It's not that if you like George you're a hipster or if you don't agree with me you're a hipster, I think that people selecting George is just a symptom of hipsterism because John and Paul were definitely the best two songwriters of the three, and I get the feeling a lot of people come to this thread thinking "everyone probably took either John or Paul, and I'm gonna give George some love" but more people did that, than is actually warranted.

That said, I think George reached the best peak of all three when he recorded All Things Must Pass. An absolutely breathtaking album, and this is an atheist saying that. The fact that it's so blithely spiritual doesn't run the fantastic music for me.

I will start a thread on this subject when I get the time, but a quick and interesting story is, just the other day I went to to see which albums by these three were the most highly regarded, and the top 5 were:

- All Things Must Pass
- Band On the Run
- Plastic Ono Band
- Ram
- Imagine

I guess the cream just rises to the top. Because, sans Ram*, that is my top-4 list of post-Beatles albums, too. Music is subjective but some things are just so good that they defy subjectivity.

*Ram is great too, I just wouldn't put it in my top-10. Need room for Cloud 9, Material World, Mind Games, and especially Paul's last 4 non-cover albums (Flaming Pie, Chaos and Creation, Driving Rain, Memory Almost Full)
I voted John, and my second pick would have been Paul. But I have to say George's solo stuff has worn very, very well, and his last album before his death was a gem. So I can see where a lot of people, especially younger ones, might pick George as their favourite Beatle without trying to be hipsters about it in the least. See the Scorsese documentary Living in the Material World. In that documentary, besides his great music, George comes across as a very level-headed, likable guy who even talks about faith in a way that is completely down to earth. I'm glad to see that he is finally getting the recognition that he deserves.

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