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02-13-2013, 11:05 PM
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Originally Posted by KingKopitar11 View Post
As much as I dislike Karlsson, I really think it was unintentional what happened. Also, is it one of those injuries that players may not ever be the same kind of injury?
Whiskie can give you a better answer than I can but from what I have seen yes, it absolutely can be a career changer/ruiner. Not saying it will be here because really, who knows at this point but it absolutely could.

When that thing gets severed which from what is going around is what happened, even if it wasn't done completely what is cut draws up and has to be re-attached (over simplification but kind of close) and then the elasticity of it has to be re habilitated. Then there is the issue of everything going perfectly during the surgery when there really isn't any way of knowing for certain until the thing is re-habbed.

I have seen it end up being shorter by as much as a quarter of an inch on one occasion but again, that was ten years ago so who knows what medical magic they have come up with now. I am just saying that it is possible that Karlsson could end up either less explosive of a skater or just weaker.

Of course, he could get a bionic leg and be even better than before. Skate faster then anyone else in a circle in the history of skating?

So tired.

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