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Originally Posted by le_sean View Post
Big guys, but the only "mean" one there is Tinordi. Emelin hits like a truck, yes, but he doesn't do much in terms of intimidating after the whistle or crease clearing.
Subban is tough to play against, he's pretty mean along the boards. Just ask Crosby. He's annoying to play against.

Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
Beaulieu and Subban are willing to fight, but probably shouldn't.

I wouldn't be against another big defenseman who plays physical like Zadorov, Ristolainen or Nurse, but it depends what else is left of course. Having Zadorov and Tinordi both on the blueline in a few years would be kind of awesome I must admit.
Does Zadorov fight?

Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
Subban asked Holzer out last saturday

Why shouldnt Beaulieu fight ? If its not against a primate I'm fine with it the kid is tough as nail
Beaulieu is an underrated fighter. I've never witnessed him lose a fight.

Told you guys I'd come back with my thoughts of last night's game. Mantha was a consistent threat, he was robbed by Chouinard on a breakaway that came out of nowhere when he blasted through Sherbrooke's first D pairing (Tassi and Neill) like it was nothing. Sherbrooke is not a strong team by any mean, but their D is their strenght, its very young, but talented and solid. He displayed pretty good acceleration for a big guy like that. Sometimes you feel he hangs on the puck for too long, but that's not a problem of IQ. He's a pretty adamant playmaker too. On the PP, the puck always comes by him, he's the one who creates plays. He plays on the right side, so he's always open for one-timers and loves to sneak backdoor. Seems to be really hard to cover him for a pass, he gets open all the time. What impressed me the most about him tonight is his puck handling, which seemed improved to me from the last game I saw him live. Yes he is 6'4 and his reach helps his put the puck away from defenders, but there aren't many players in the 'Q that can dangle like him through defenders. He was also pretty good on PK tonight, yes the Phoenix lack talent, but he didn't give them much chance to setup their PP.

Dunn was playing with Mantha on the 1st line as one of the Henley bros was suspended and he had a pretty good game. I agree with those who say he'll be a good agitator in the NHL. He's a pretty physical player and can score goals too. He's a pretty good skater and is already solid on his skates as a 17 year old. He was looking for a partner to dance all night, but Lebel didn't feel like it and Laverdure had already beaten Hester up. He's a guy that on some nights walks the line when it comes to dirtiness but it's never bad to have one of those on your side. He's only 5'11, but he's thick. He'll be a Pro.

Also, he's not available this year, but I came away impressed yet again by Nicolas Aubé-Kubel tonight. Him and Anthony Richard are pretty impressive as 16 year olds, yes they play against weaker oppositions than 'say Audette or Deslauriers, but those two are to watch for next year's draft. Especially Aubé-Kubel. He might very well be the best player from the 'Q draft this season. Very talented and very mature in his game.

I noticed the presence of a few scouts tonight at the game, but no faces that I recognized. Can't tell you if they were from NHL teams or 'Q ones.

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