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02-13-2013, 11:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Namejs View Post
It is that simple.
How old are you?

Originally Posted by Namejs View Post
Amur travels some 140 000 kilometers every regular season (with that rate they could've went to the Moon and back since 2008).
So you are arguing about transportation costs affecting the profit of KHL teams? Can you provide a source for the numbers and how much it is hurting these teams, would love to take a look at the figures.

Originally Posted by Namejs View Post
Looking at the fundamentals? OK. The Russian economy is still largely based on raw materials, which is a pretty volatile and risky thing, if you ask me. Especially considering the way shale gas is going to change the natural gas market in Europe and everyhwere else, but that's a different topic, I'm afraid.
-This is my response to your off topic quote and I don't wish to indulge in this part of the discussion any further as it is off topic
Consumer oriented sectors already account for two-thirds of Russia's GDP and have contributed 80 percent of Russia's economic growth since 2004. Russia's consumer market will be the largest in Europe by 2020 and the fourth largest in the world, offering rich pickings for investors, they have been taking measures to continue the diversify the economy from Oil and Gas for the past ten years but the state is using its oil and gas windfall to subsidize the real economy, which has fueled a decade long shopping spree.

Large debate exists over Shale, I have no idea why you are so confident in it when many believe this may be a myth in fact more evidence shows that it is not the next best thing. Shale wells produce copious quantities of gas initially, which is then followed by a sharp drop off in production (Wells decline at rates of 40%!!). Shale gas is just another form of natural gas, and will not replace any other form of natural gas, except if it is cheaper, or closer to the market (Don't see any longevity in this). The current high rates of shale gas production growth cannot be sustained and will fall sharply in coming years. The future viability and production of these fields is dependent upon whether the hyperbolic model used by the gas and oil companies is true. In fact Germany has almost completley banned fracking of Shale Gas.

Russia has basically set up an Energy Cartel on Europe anyway and is making big strides into Asia (Finally).
-This is my response to your off topic quote and I don't wish to indulge in this part of the discussion any further as it is off topic we have both made our points

Originally Posted by Namejs View Post
Just because the place has oil and gas fields, doesn't mean it's not an isolated ****hole, which doesn't have a single urban area large enough to host an ice hockey team.
So you now are shifting goal posts after being caught out? Don't use those arguments if you don't enjoy them being applied against you.

By the way your hate for Russia in the few threads here is very cute I have been working in Moscow for seven years after spending my entire life being educated and working in the West. I always find Russophobes hilarious. Don't worry Russians are nice people

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