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02-13-2013, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by GFORCE View Post
Sorry for not answering your one-line answers and discussing semantics with you. To me, it was pretty clear that you could pick a couple of teams doing very well within the group of 11-12 teams in the East that has an HW enforcer. You're just cherry-picking here.

Plus, I'm not interested to discuss with you on the matter anymore. Whatever I tell you, you'll still rather plug your ears and cover your eyes to keep living that pink and sweet dream you're in, that lets you believe that the Canadiens don't get abused on the ice.

Good for you if you like what you see. There's just a couple of guys in here who have more pride and who take it more personally when they see a 5'9 20 years old rookie fighting a guy twice his size, or Josh Gorges fighting a 250 pounder that's laughing at him right in front of his face, in the Bell Center.

Let's keep disregarding the rules. We're so much better than everyone...

you're going to give the link to where I said that's what I think ? I mean, it's not just something you imagined or anything... right ?

that's YOUR problem, not mine... neither proud or ashamed of the Habs, they either entertain me or they dont, end of story.

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