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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
I struggle to find a time Boston has been cheapshotted since Savard. And they won a cup since then.

As long as this type of thing happens we won't be winning any cups anytime soon.

And by the way, what happened against Toronto would NEVER happen to Boston. I maintain that.
Not to mention, but those were just hockey plays gone bad. They weren't plays where enforcers drop the gloves and thumped them.

Where this idea that enforcers prevent the game of hockey from being played came from I'll never know. No one goes to Seguin and thumps him. Does he get hit, yeah, like everyone else in the league. There is no amount of equipment, enforcers, rules, rubber pucks, plastic blades ect that will prevent injuries, they happen.

We have needed a heavyweight for years. Some seem pretty oblivious to be honest.

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