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Originally Posted by *Injektilo View Post
So much ignorance in this thread.

This is not about football/soccer vs. hockey. This is about culture - period.

Having lived and attended soccer and hockey games on both sides of the Atlantic, I think I can speak with a modicum of knowledge on this topic. And it comes down to European culture vs. North American culture. Europeans like to cheer/chant at games. North Americans don't. That's all there is to it.

You just need to check out how European fans do when they're at hockey games - hint hint, it's not all that different from what they do at soccer games.

For those who take this opportunity to take a piss on soccer and its fans - we get it. You don't like it. But just a word of advice that applies in general: When you revel on your ignorance on a particular topic, it's best not to voice your opinion on it, as you take the risk to looking like an idiot more than anything else.
You make a valid point, well sorta, and also a little rude, I'll be a little more polite. You see the debate is not so much Euro football vs NA hockey, It seems to be NA football vs NA hockey. You see people are bringing up the difference between the The Southsiders based in Vancouver, and the Canucks fans, Also based in Vancouver. I admit that people are talking about euro football fans but that was not the issue at large. I too come from a reserved culture, but at football matches the crowd is like that of a typical loud chanting football crowd. You can't say people revel in ignorance, because they find that the local football team fans are different than the local hockey team fans. It seems plain as day. Thank you.

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