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Long Long Long is a beatles song... but otherwise, those are some nice lists. Nice to see some post-90s McCartney appreciation there.

as far as running out of room goes, Lennon's Working Class Hero compilation was two packed discs and didn't even include the three tracks I named earlier in this thread, or I Found Out, or Crippled Inside, or Steel and Glass, or The Luck Of the Irish. That's a pretty good decade of work if there's not room for those songs.

Harrison's Dark Horse compilation is a great start for him, but it cuts off his first two albums (his 2nd is arguably his 2nd best) and there's enough good stuff on those two, to fill half of a disc 2 already. the other 10 albums can easily contribute another 8 or so tracks to make a very, very solid 2CD set. It wouldn't be as good as the Lennon set, but it would be very good. By the way - How did you not have Isn't It a Pity there? Yikes!

But McCartney.... wow. Wingspan is already an excellent set to start with, and it is two CDs packed to their full capacity, and they only go to 1984. Nothing stands out as an easily droppable track from these discs, and they don't even include the following:

Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five
Mrs. Vandebilt
Give Ireland Back to the Irish
Big Barn Red
Picasso's Last Words
Country Dreamer
London Town
Girls' School
Getting Closer
Temporary Secretary
Here Today
Ballroom Dancing
Ebony and Ivory
Say Say Say
Simple as that

and then he's got over a third of his career still unchronicled by a compilation... 7 studio albums (not counting the three covers albums) - Press, Pretty Little Head, Spies Like Us, My Brave Face, Put It There, Off the Ground, C'mon People, at least 4 songs each from Chaos and Creation and Driving Rain, and 6-7 (seriously!) from each of Flaming Pie and Memory almost full. That's another 2CD best of right there.

PLUS... practically all of the Fireman's last album (the first two were nothing that special)... christ, I think he's easily amassed the best catalog. At their peaks they were all pretty close. But he's lived long enough to just keep backing up that peak with more and more quality.

From everything on Wingspan and all the best tracks you and I named, I don't see how Paul doesn't put together a compilation that overtakes John and George. (it goes without saying that his "disc 3 and 4" material is far superior - reminds me of how Team Canada isn't significantly better than USA, Sweden, Russia, etc, but they could ice a 2nd and 3rd team that USA, Sweden, Russia, etc aren't significantly better than )

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