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Originally Posted by Wizeman View Post
Hes not a third liner but I dont think you believe that anyways. Hes been playing with Kesler for a few years now.

I think we dump our 4.25 mil 6th defense man instead of someone who has top end NHL speed and skill to boot. You dont just let a guy like Raymond walk. Replace him with whom?

The team is missing a dimension without Raymond. You aint even talking about trading the guy either. You are talking ....let him walk for nothing. Its just not happening. Its my belief Gillis is tired (like all GMs) of having to tap dance other GMs to get quality players or convince some guy to come here cheap.

Just re sign Raymond instead.
You make it sound like this team is lacking speed. Even without Raymond, this team is still fast. He has played with Kesler, and it clearly hasn't worked out the past 2 years. Just cause he's been decent for the past 5 games, people think we should automatically sign him to a long term deal with 4 million. This is a mistake waiting to happen.

Dumping Ballard is a given, but he isn't the only contract you have to dump if you want to re-sign Raymond. People focus too much on getting value in return. Sometimes the best value is a roster position and cap space, for a potential free agent signing or a kid with potential to step up.

Get rid of Booth, Ballard, and Luongo's contract. Think about the major holes on the team, then think of re-signing Raymond. Heck, when Kesler is back, give him a bit of Higgins and Raymond and see who plays better, then make a decision. People are reacting too fast. Raymond is good, but he isn't a big piece on this team. He isn't irreplaceable.

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