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02-14-2013, 02:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Tundraman View Post
I too am not a doctor but with Google's help I can pretend to be one on Hockey Message Boards
Never said I was a doctor- and I totally understand why you would think that Google helped as it in many cases does.

I am on my way- halfway (Trimester 5, 10 total) through grad be exact getting my DOC. I am in midterms right now - I have Neurodiagnosis and EENT (eyes, ears, nose, throat) midterms tomorrow (currently studying at this late hour).

Had Infectious Diseases, Methods, and Clinical Pathology I lecture and lab midterms yesterday, Friday I have Skeletal Radiology IV's lec/lab midterm, Tuesday Physiologic Therapy lec/lab and Clinical Nutrition I. Take Part I Boards in March. Finals April, three week break then right back at it. 30 credits semesters start to wear on you, I cannot wait to say in two years I will never, ever, ever, have to take another test again unless it's voluntary.

I'd actually like to have a sports oriented clinic later on in test at a time.

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