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Originally Posted by JBIZ14 View Post
if you dont think a loud supportive crowd helps teams then you have never played sports at a serious level...

If you're not there to cheer then why even get a much better view on tv for a fraction of the price.

i am a Southsider and a huge Canucks fan so stop embarrassing me by acting like ignorant ****** in here...

southsiders do not use vuvuzelas fact they are very much against them
I would love to see a study supporting this. I have played sports and don't think the crowd makes all that much of a difference in most cases, except in football where you can disrupt signal calling.

The fact is, the Chicago Blackhawks had the loudest stadium in hockey and didn't win a cup from 1961 until well after they closed the Chicago Stadium down.

The loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium was 131.76 dbA and was achieved by Galatasaray Spor Kulubu (Turkey) at the Ali Sami Yen Sport Complex Turk Telekom Arena, in Istanbul, Turkey, on 18 March 2011. The home team lost the game 2-1!

The loudest stadium in baseball is Camden Yards. The Orioles are never a threat. Yankee Stadium is known for being quiet. People make fun of it. One of the Tigers said it was a nice place for quiet contemplation. ESPN complained that it was too quiet. The Yankees do much better than Baltimore.

In 1989 the Calgary Flames had this shiny new stadium called the Saddledome, known for having the worst acoustics and the most quiet atmosphere. They battled Montreal who had the old forum.

The Flames won.

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