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02-14-2013, 02:49 AM
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Yak is a rookie fresh out of Junior last season (and just coming back from the KHL where the big ice and style of game is obviously different).

Plain and simple explanation.

He's going to take a while to adjust and will make plenty of odd mistakes by rushing his passes and shots and making plays to people that don't exist.

It'll come though and he'll be deadly when he starts getting more used to the flow and pace of the NHL.

How long will it take? 15 games... 30 games... could take all season to get comfortable and learn to be more patient and actually look at what he's doing instead of just reacting. Then once he gets to that stage he can start "just reacting" again... that's when he turns truly deadly because as he improves he's going to be lethal with his combo of elite passing, skating and shooting.

I can see his future already... with those natural tools all he needs is his brain to slow down a little from his ADHD pace and he's going to terrorize this league.

It will happen though and I'm betting he's a perfect candidate for Krueger to employ his motivational abilities to help him visualize and reach his full potential.

Of all the players the Oilers have I think Yakupov is EASILY the most naturally gifted... yet he may require the most coaching and work to reach his ceiling, not because he possesses a bad attitude but because he SO badly wants to succeed and win that I think he has to learn to dial down his zealousness and think through his actions a bit more than he does now.

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