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02-14-2013, 03:54 AM
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Originally Posted by awfulwaffle View Post
I have to agree with this. There are plenty of situations where high speed chases finish off with someone surrendering, while granted they led cops through a chase that endangered them and countless innocent civilians on the road, in the end they got out of the car and put their hands up in the air. They posed no threat at that point, but cops still kick them and force them to the ground, might break an arm when handcuffing them, etc. - but it still happens.

Just 1 video to show what I hate to see:

Like I said before, there are 2 kinds of police in the world both good and bad. However, I wouldn't dare say that something like the Rodney King incident is excatly the same as the incidents directly involving Dormer. In fact, it can be argued that the recent shooting in Torrence on the basis of mistaken identity is far worse than the King incident.

Also with those amatur videos I would be careful as well since where some come in handy to show cops at their worst sometimes they don't show the whole story to what is really going on.

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