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02-14-2013, 03:08 AM
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Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
I know Richards was never a blazer, but did he really lose all his speed in one season? He's not that old yet. Plus he was to lose his speed, wouldn't it be during a season when he didn't have an 8 month offseason? Maybe that has nothing to do with anything.
Has he ever been a better skater than this??? I definitely don't remember it. He has always been a very awkward skater.

This is what I posted on him before we got him:
I agree.

Many at these places are stuck in the video game mode. Brad Richards is seen as a 85-90 attribute player, just like the other stars.

We are talking about a former 3rd round pick here; who is small; who is soft and somewhat injury prone; who is a awkward skater in many situation; who is not a dazzling stickhandler; who isn't a elite playmaker in the Adam Oates and co mold (who just sets up and can thread a pass through traffic); who has failed to carry a team into the PO's in a really long time.

Brad Richards has a really good shot; but more then anything he has outstanding offensive instincts and he has the ability to evaluate the team infront of him and find chances to get something on the board no matter what it takes. On the PP point, he is just very good and skilled at his craft. He can do what it takes to play a elite style. He isn't fast. He isn't a dangler. He isn't the best passer. But he has all the skill he needs for the PPQB, he can move sideways, he can fire away in many different sitautions, and more then anything else -- he knows what to do. He is just good enough to be on top of the PKers. Its as simple as that. He is smart enough, and skilled enough to execute what he wants to do.

To compare him to other players in somewhat the same mold, I would like to mention Patrick Elias and -- why not -- Brian Rafalski. Two guys who are valuble to their teams. Who certainly have earned their paycheck. Detroit signed Brian Rafalski to a 5 year 6m deal in 2007. He have earned every cent of the 24m he have made in his 4 years of that deal. Pat Elias has certainly been a factor in getting NJD into the PO's up untill this season.

Could we use someone like that? Most certainly!!!

And if it only came down to dollars and cents, you know what, sure why not 7.8m if thats what it takes. Slats will just have to settle with a cheap goon instead of a Boogie/Brasher type, that'll save you the mil you are overpaying.

But it does not only come down to dollars and cents. Expectations/pressure/the impact on the rest of the team -- we know better then to look past those aspects in NY. We know better.

I mean compare these two scenarios:
1. Brad Richards signs here in NY for 6.5m per. He says he wants to play in NY, but at the same time avoid the heat in Toronto, where he would have received more money. It doesn't really become that big of a deal.

2. We blow everyone away on July 1 and gives Richards a helluva offer, on par with the true superstars in the NHL. There is a bunch of talk about how "Slats did it again". The instant topic from day 1 is "Will Richards be different then Gomez, Drury or Redden?" Can "he" handle the pressure???

I might be paranoid, but I am scared of the nr 2 option. I would love the 1. option. Its about more then the dollars and cents.

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