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02-14-2013, 03:23 AM
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I was at the game too, and what I found most disconcerting about the Southsiders and all the racket they were making was... how stupidly distracting it was for so many people.

I was noticing heads turning every time they made noise up there (which was pretty much constantly), as if to say "What the..? Can't those people keep it down!? I'm trying to watch HOCKEY, HERE!".

Has it really gotten this bad in Rogers arena? That the sound of Canucks fans BEING FANS is a true annoyance to other Canucks fans? That is so sad, man. I don't even know how you can call yourself a hockey fan if the sound of people cheering your team steams your potatoes. Seriously.

I wish those guys were at every game, and I wish the whole building was full of them.

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