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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
It doesn't. Keeping Spacek doesn't help at all, he should be traded... for picks! Not for Thomas freaking Kaberle!

Trading for Kaberle does absolutely nothing but perpetuate medicority. If you aren't a contender and you're going to deal away assets you do it for future value not for MORE mediocre over the hill players esp when they have dumb contracts. Even if Kaberle had worked out and got us to 8th... it just puts us further away from the cup because now we're stuck with this guy when we could've used our assets to trade for picks.
Except Carolina tried to trade Spacek at the deadline for picks and couldn't get anything. So the options are keep him and lose him for nothing or take the risk of Kaberle. If Kaberle was producing at 0.5ppg like he did last year with us, we could trade him right now for a 2nd. If he doesn't produce he's gone after 1 year at the cost of cap space we wouldn't/couldn't use anyways. That's good asset management especially when it's not your money.

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
And we've already told you it's a calculated risk. Not all the picks/prospects will work out but some will.
If it's a calculated risk it means you've actually run some numbers right? So what are the odds?

There are 3 outcomes
1) We become contenders and/or win a cup.
2) We stay a middle of the pack team
3) We end up a bad team

What are the odds of those outcomes right now if we stay the course, and how do they change if we trade our vets. If it's a calculate risk then show me your calculations.

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