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I took a closer look at some numbers

I list here league leaders in even strength points per game in comparison to Lemieux's numbers for every year since 1987-88 (the first season lists those stats).
I did not write down the exact PPG for you, only the games played (GP) and the even strength points (ESP), but you can trust me that this stuff is correct.

A couple of observations:
-- my table is probably tough to read, I'm sorry

-- for every year up until the 2000-01 season only two or three players scored very close to or above 1.0 ESP per game -- even in the high scoring late 80s/early 90s the gap between the top guys and 4th/5th/6th spots is immense. Basically, if you score at a 0.85 rate you are very, very good.

-- Mario Lemieux is the only player in the league to consistently score around (usually above) 1.0 even strength points per game between 1988 and 2001. Every other guy who did it was either a one-hit-wonder (usually this), great but became too old in this time frame (Gretzky), or great but was too young at the beginning of the time frame (Jagr and Lindros).

1987-88 -- Lemieux: 77gp, 74esp / better: only Gretzky 64gp, 91esp / 3rd: Yzerman 64gp, 61esp
1988-89 -- Lemieux: 76gp, 102esp / better: ----------------------- / next best: Gretzky 78gp, 100esp, Yzerman 80gp, 101esp / interesting: 4th and 5th are Gretzky's linemates Nicholls 87esp and Robitaille 74esp
1989-90 -- Lemieux: 59gp, 71esp / better: only Gretzky 73gp, 96esp / 3rd: Yzerman 79gp, 79esp
1990-91 -- Lemieux: 26gp, 31esp / better: Gretzky 78gp, 103esp; Oates 61gp, 73esp / 4th: Hull 78gp, 86esp
1991-92 -- Lemieux: 64gp, 74esp / better: ------------------------ / 2nd: Stevens 80gp, 81esp
1992-93 -- Lemieux: 60gp, 96esp / better: ------------------------ / 2nd: Yzerman 84gp, 87esp
1993-94 -- Lemieux: 22gp, 22esp / better: Lindros 65gp, 67esp -----/ 3rd: Fedorov 82gp, 81esp
1994-95 -- Lemieux: ----------- / 1st___: Lindros 46gp, 46esp -----/ 2nd: Renberg 47gp, 45esp
1995-96 -- Lemieux: 70gp, 73esp / better: Jagr 82gp, 93esp --------/ 3rd: Lindros 73gp, 75esp
1996-97 -- Lemieux: 76gp, 79esp / better: Lindros 52gp, 56esp; Jagr 63gp, 67esp / 4th: Leclair 82gp, 81esp
1997-98 -- Lemieux: ----------- / 1st___: Kariya 22gp, 26esp ------/ 2nd: Selšnne 73gp, 67esp
1998-99 -- Lemieux: ----------- / 1st___: Jagr 81gp, 82esp --------/ rest: forget it
1999-00 -- Lemieux: ----------- / 1st___: Jagr 63gp, 67esp --------/ 2nd: Bure 74gp, 72esp / 3rd: Sakic 60gp, 58esp
2000-01 -- Lemieux: 43gp, 43esp / better: ------------------------ / 2nd: Jagr 81gp, 78esp
2001-02 -- Lemieux: 24gp, 17esp / better: five (or more guys) ---- / 1st: Kovalev 67gp, 53esp / 2nd: jagr 69gp, 54esp
2002-03 -- Lemieux: 67gp, 46esp / better: six guys --------------- / 1st: Forsberg 75gp, 73esp / 2nd: Thornton 77gp, 65esp

These guys scored above 1.0 ESP per game and are not listed above: Rob Brown (88-89), Mogilny (92-93), Roberts (92-93)

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