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02-14-2013, 06:15 AM
I voted for Kodos
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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I sort of agree with you, but to play Devil's Advocate, why do you think the All Star voters were right and the Hall of Fame is wrong?
The writers are not perfect. They consistently underrate defensive defensemen on bad teams (which Boivin was for a time) and at least for a time overrated scoring defensemen (though I'm not convinced that this still happens). The writers can be fooled one year, maybe two, but you're not going to "fool" them every season over your entire career, especially not in the O6 era when they saw every player quite regularly.

The all-star voting results give us a longitudinal look at a player's career, which is always going to be more accurate than judging greatness based on a single binary decision, in or out. When combined with a look at things like games played and point production, they also give us a pretty good idea of the player's development, his peaks and valleys, and how his health affected his career.

We know that there has occasionally been some collusion among the writers, at least within a given city, which most likely cost Ray Bourque a Hart (in favor of Messier), for example. Nevertheless, the writers are a large body of voters with little reason to collude, and almost no reason to persistently collude over time. The veteran's committee (which is how Boivin got in), on the other hand, consists of just a handful of voters, many of whom know each other well. The potential for collusive or "agenda-driven" voting in this environment is many times higher, and it only takes a single spiked vote for an undeserving player to be enshrined forever.

I doubt you really disagree with most of this, but I thought I'd answer your question as best I could because it is a topic worth discussing.

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