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02-14-2013, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
I wouldn't call it "years of scouting", because I am just a fan, but I have watched most of these players play for at least a couple years. So, what am I basing it on? My watching them play.

Hey if you are of the opinion that Pk and OEL are equal hockey players, then I respect that. I disagree, but I respect that. I think OEL will be consistently fighting for Norris trophies.

They're both already really good players in the league at 19. They are blue chippers and both possess more ability than PK.

I know what you're getting at but hell yes I would take Jones over Pk as well. All I'm saying is that if I had to make a group of the "elite 23 and under dmen", PK at best gets an honorable mention.

We are a better team with Hedman instead of Subban. JMO.
How many games have you watched those guys play in?
You are also admitting that your evaluation is highly subjective as you are evaluating those players based on the few times you've seen them play and I'm guessing that by "seeing" you mean through your television, where cameras follow the puck only.

Meanwhile, advanced stats that have proven to be a solid measuring stick, at least more so than a subjective observation through tv, are saying you are wrong.

Not sure how the two young prospects possess more abilities than PK. I'm gonna have to disagree there.
In any event, you cannot say that they are better than PK today, you just can't.

I wouldn't take Jones over PK. He is a junior player that hasn't even been drafted. Meanwhile PK has already proven capable of handling top opposition with heavy minutes.
You also talk about PK as if he has reached his max potential. He hasn't and his upside is limitless.

I don't think we're better with Hedman. I would love to have him, but he isn't better than PK.

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