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Originally Posted by ltrangerfan View Post
yep.... it's in the Paypal guidelines. I was not aware of the restriction and was never informed so I was at fault. It cost me around $250 or so.

I do sell a fair amount of collectables. I used E-Bay/Paypal as my primary source for selling until the charge back. Now, I use an auction house which costs me about the same and have pretty much cut out E-Bay/Paypal. The results have been pretty much the same. The loser? Paypal/Ebay who could have made the few dollars back in less than a month.
Exactly why I do not sell on Ebay. I never got burned, but too many stories started to leak out. You can win an auction for a Giants helmet signed by Eli. When it arrives, you then say you received a giants helmet that is not signed instead of the Eli signed helmet. File the claim, and Ebay/Paypal will take your side. You send the unsigned helmet back to the seller and he is out the money. The honus of proof is on the seller. How can they possibly prove they sent the auto'd helmet and not the unsigned? The tracking number only shows that a package was sent and delivered. Doesn't guarantee the contents of the package.

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