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02-14-2013, 08:25 AM
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I wonder what it would be like if the NHL hadn't screwed the Americans after World War II. The Americans were going to move to Brooklyn, they had an investor willing to build a new arena, but the NHL forced them to fold, seized control of the team and "retired" the franchise.

The Islanders are not exactly the Americans. But, I wonder what Dutton felt about the Islanders. And wonder what he'd feel about the Islanders now moving to Brooklyn, something he didn't get to do with his club what will be 69 years earlier (46-2015).

Rangers lost a great rival then. But gained two new rivals in the Islanders and Devils.

Its kind of a sad story actually.

Not our Rangers brightest moment. Well...MSG to be more accurate. As it was MSG that forced the Amerks out, not the Rangers.

But, the Rangers did atone and allowed two new franchises in the area later (Isles and Devils) and also allowed one of them to move into the city (Isles to Brooklyn in 2015).

The Barclay's is right near where Dutton planned to build his new arena.

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