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02-14-2013, 07:56 AM
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I still think Punk has a solid chance to win the title back here. The whole point of the DQ/Countdown resulting in a title change was to put some doubt into the minds of the smarks, so job well done.

They could have Lesnar interfere and prevent Rock from getting back into the ring. Say there's a brawl going on by the ramp, the chamber starts to lower, Lesnar comes out and pummels Rock. Punk runs back in, grabbing the title on his way into the ring, and ends the show holding the title. With this they could either have Rock v Brock and Punk v Cena at Mania, or have HHH cut a promo on Raw the next night saying he's tired of Lesnars act, which gives us HHH v Brock and a triple threat for the WWE title.

Even better though, is if they have a similar finish but instead of Brock it's the Undertaker who attacks the Rock. Or have the chamber lower to the ring as Rock and Punk are brawling. Lights go out, when the lights come back on Taker is either in the ring or in one of the pods. Then it sets up Punk v Cena, Rock v Taker, and they can still build for HHH v Lesnar if they want. That would be ideal imo.

As for HHH v Brock. If they do it, it's gotta be different. Hell in a Cell, KO only, Last man standing, falls count anywhere/no DQ. Just something other than a straight up singles match.

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