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02-14-2013, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs 4 Life View Post
But his skate would have been on the ice to do that, I really think he was trying to pin Karlsson to the boards as Ward was explaining on TSN. Players do that all the time unfortunately Karlsson got a serious injury. Hope he is alright but that was not intentional IMO
I see what you're saying, and it's probably true that he didn't do it intentionally. However, at some point you have to penalize players more harshly for recklessness. Cooke took his skate off the ice and stomped it directly into the back of Karlsson's leg. Whether he wanted to or not shouldn't really matter. It happened. There's too much grey area in hockey. I prefer soccer rules in this regard. If a guy slides in dangerously and a tackles a player studs first, it doesn't matter if he was going for the ball or not. He missed and hit the guy's ankles. He gets red carded and suspended for three games. All this garbage with hockey with hearings and interviews with the offenders is baloney. Players shouldn't be able to defend themselves after the fact. If you screw up, you screw up, deal with the consequences. A guy like Cooke who's already ruined a player's career (maybe more) shouldn't even be in the league anymore. It's a hardly a coincidence that he was the offender in this situation, and i think its a travesty that everyone is just casting it off as a simple accident. But thats hockey for you.

p.s. I do not have Karlsson in any hockey pool, lol

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