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02-14-2013, 09:52 AM
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I get both sides of this. It would be nice if Canucks fans were a bit louder, and I appreciate the idea behind a group like this. That said, I want Canucks fans to be louder when something cheer-worthy happens, or because the crowd is amped up for a big game. I don't think forced cheering when nothing is happening in a meaningless game against Minnesota is altogether impressive.

If I'm at a game, I want to hear the crowd go nuts when the Canucks score, or there's a big hit, or the Canucks kill off a big power play, or there's a fight, or it's the Hawks and the team's down a goal and has pressure in the offensive zone, or Luongo makes a big save. I don't want to hear a group of people screaming and hollering incessantly for three hours and trying to start chants every 5 minutes. That would drive me $*&#ing nuts.

Maybe the Southsiders need to dial it down a notch and be a bit more targeted in the when and how angle of this. I sure wouldn't want to pay thousands of dollars for season tickets to get stuck with a group of screamers behind me every night. There has to be middle ground here.

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