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02-14-2013, 09:01 AM
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If one of our younger prospects don't prove that they are NHL ready we have to either re-sign Nabby or sign another goalie, Even if we started the season with DP, it would be the same as going with one of the youngsters because DP will be on IR within the first month.

IF Nilsson and Poulin do not prove they can handle NHL time by next season, I personally liked what the Lightning have done. Trading for a goalie that is NHL ready but stuck behind a serious goalie.

-Wasn't Johan Gustavsson supposed to have all the upside in the world a few years back? He's 28 years old and (assuming Howard gets resigned) will continue to backup Howard.

-Giggy and Backstrom would fit into this also but they are both 35-36 years old, not really what I'm talking about.

-The Hiller/Fasth situation is somewhat of a surprise but Fasth is outplaying Hiller by a wide margin at the moment. Both goalies are 30-31 years old.

-Backman is behind Lehtonen in Dallas, he would be a risk due to the fact that he just hasn't played a ton of NHL hockey...15 games last year 8-5 2.77GAA .910 Save%. 25 years old (I don't know if this would be any better than Poulin or Nilsson starting for us next year).

-Bernier in LA is never gonna beat out Quick at this point, he's had a solid career but is hasn't started more than 25 games in a season. That being said, he's been in the NHL for a few years and at 24 years old....This would be the guy the #1 guy I would target as a trade, he has the upside, has some experience but LA can't ask for the moon for someone that A) Will be there backup for the foreseeable future and B) Hasn't proven he could carry a team if asked to do so. (IMO he can).

All of these options are going to the Western conference, if I'm trading a goalie away or getting one from another team I would not want to the see guy for any more games than I have to. No real reason for it but just how I would do things if I was a GM.

Sorry for the long winded post but I feel like this is how you can get a good young goalie and not mortgage the farm system. Backup goalies have a limited value especially if the team also has a workhorse like Jonothan Quick. Why not flip the backup for someone who can produce for you every night like a defenseman or forward.

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