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02-14-2013, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Henkka View Post
Quincey is not scoring, but when he is on ice, opponents are not scoring against us = defending well. That's nothing but a good thing. Plus minus comes misleading if you are +100 player, but have -90 at the same time. Plus 10 oh, you are a good defending player, even though you could have the highest amount of minuses on the team. But that not happening at case of Quincey. He has lost his production, to have a better defence. I'll take that any day. When he gets his own zone confidence back in this way, he will start producing something again. Still, he doesn't have to produce in that "Brad Stuart" -mold. Q has been better since Smith injured, they just had horrible chemistry together. I just hope they try any other pairing than that again together, when Brendan comes back.
Teams aren't necessarily scoring when Quincey is on the ice, but watching him like a hawk lately has shown me that Kindl is doing most of the defending while Quincey is usually brainfarting his way around the zone; ESPECIALLY when he has the puck. Cripes man, last night I wanted to throw things at him and Cleary any time they got near anything that resembled a hockey puck.

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