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02-14-2013, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by McClelland View Post
Hmm! In every thread and every day we can hear from you about Gagners development this year! First it was whitneys fault that sam and his line was - and bleeding 5 on 5, but that misunderstanding has been cleared lately. I dont know what player who suits Gagner in this team for you to like? It always another players fault to explain shortcomings from him.

That line is statistic horrible so far 5 on 5 and Gagner and Hemsky the worst of all in all defensive columns. Your development hasnt appear and almost every column 5 on 5 proves that.
He has still horrible defensive numbers, corsi etc.

The illusion that you try to make a truth with freaquently postings everywhere hasnt appear yet. Its good that Gagner producing but he has always done that in pp. When the team is among the best in the leuage at pp, it has even more impact on Gagners numbers and he flying under the radar in other ways.

I voted legit c but trade, because we need a better fit in that important position.
He is only on a 1 year tryout this year, so he isnt a proven 2 c in this team yet. (compare earlier years)
Malkin must not be a 2c either he has been on the ice for more goals against this season than Gagner also has 1 more even strength point than him and Gagner has 1 more shorthanded point. i watch games not look at stats that have many outliers to them such that corsi and others has.

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