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02-14-2013, 09:53 AM
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I like the prospect pool, don't take this the wrong way, but I think the optimism around Anders Lee is misguided. He's just not that good. He's a very good NCAA player, no doubt about it. He goes to the net well, plays a simple NHL-style game, he should translate that to NHL hockey fairly easily.

But I think it'll be a 4th line player, possibly 3rd line if we're lucky.

I don't think Lee will be any better than Matt Martin (who I love as a player, by the way). Martin is JUST ONE YEAR OLDER than Lee. Josh Bailey (the "bust" as many have said) is the same age as Anders Lee.

Would I take another Matt Martin on the team? ABSOLUTELY. That part of what Lee might bring is something I'm excited about. But I seriously don't expect anything more. Anything can happen. Tyler Bozak was a great NCAA player, he's a #1 C today and he's become a pretty good hockey player but even he's not a top six player on a good team.
On Kabanov: we must get away from the phenom that he was at 16-17...because he's not a phenom at all. Scott99 is absolutely right, he's done NOTHING to suggest he can be a top six player on the NYI anytime soon. That said, he played very well in the Memorial Cup (though not the best player on his team, maybe the 3rd - 4th best forward from my recollection) and he's looked pretty good in the few AHL games I saw him play. But hardly a player who's knocking on the door for an NHL job, even on the terrible NYI roster.

Ullstrom and Cizikas are NHL players - no doubt about it. They can play a bottom six role very effectively and will only get better (I expect Cizikas will have the better and longer career, for what it's worth).

Kabanov is the same age as Nelson (1yr older), Sundstrom, Persson and Niederreiter (leaving unsigned Lee and Ryan Strome aside for the moment) and I'd say all four of those have shown more NHL-ready games than Kabanov, all can play offensively, have better size/strength, play NHL-style games and have shown MORE than KK has thus far in his early career.

NOBODY'S giving up on the kid. He's matured significantly since all the pre-draft fiasco. His game is much better, he shows good board work, good passer, he's got hockey sense and puck skills. He definitely has NHL potential and maybe in a year or two, he might become a player who has a chance to make the NHL. But there's nothing "wow" in his game to suggest he's anywhere close to making the NYI and contributing in a significant way. Angelo Esposito was a teen phenom at one time too.

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