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Originally Posted by GFORCE View Post
Hey, guess what?

Tokarski got the MVP in the Memorial Cup as well.
Tokarski is 4 years younger than "Cedrick".
"Cedrick" has never won anything in World competitions.
Tokarski was undedeated in Canada's gold medal win. No matter how many goals he let in. He shut to door in the final against Sweden, and was the only guy to beat Russia and USA in this tournament.

No matter how you slice it, his accomplishments are far more impressive than Desjardins. I'm not a homer, but that's a great trade, especially since he is even exempted of waivers if we want to send him back down next season.

Before answering me in an arrogant fashion claiming that I'm completely wrong, verify the actual facts.
First of all, nice follow-up. Too bad you're still wrong though. You stated Desjardins won nothing. I was just stating the facts otherwise to prove that you were wrong. So, I guess I did state the actual facts. Thanks for coming out.

As far as Cerdick not winning anything in World Competitions - so? There are lots of junior players who win that go on to do nothing and vice-versa. Desjardins never got a shot or maybe he would have won - who knows?

Tokarski is a solid piece, I like the trade for the RFA reasons, but to say Desjardins has won nothing was flat out wrong, so this post above was just a waste of time.

Desjardins also won the QMJHL championship as well. So while Tokarski has had a more storied history, Desjardins' is pretty good as well.

Originally Posted by GFORCE View Post
How many Bulldogs games have you watched this year. Desjardins has been outplayed by Robert Mayer of all people. He was horrible all year long. Not sure which one of those two is the best goalie right now, but I doubt I would say Desjardins' much better than anyone as of now.
About 15.

Desjardins has had some rough nights, no doubt about it. But he's also playing in front of one of the worst AHL teams I've seen in years.

As far being out-played by Mayer? Don't think so. Desjardins has posted better stats so far this season and has definitely been the better goalie over the past month. He was injured to start the season and that slowed him down considerably, IMO. Since Christmas, he's only had two really bad games.

Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
Very small sample sizes are fun.
Yes, they are. He's been a better AHL goalie to this point in his career too, which is on a much larger sample size.

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