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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Seen Kings games in Edmonton and Winnipeg.

It was not great in Edmonton. There was several other Kings fans, but it was not great treatment from the Oiler fans. Got challenged to fights several times, although I managed to avoid getting beer spilt on me.

Funny story actually. I was at a Kings game in Edmonton a few years ago. It was a decent enough section with a few Kings fans, including two right in front of me. So I talking to them a fair bit. Nice people. My buddy I was with was not a Kings fan, so I was telling him about the team. Our #7 D at the time was Nathan Dempsey. I was not happy with him, and he made several really bad mistakes and I was beaking him pretty hard all game. In the 3rd period I decided to ask how the people in front me how they became Kings fans. It was Nathan Dempsey's cousin and her husband... Did not know he was from Spruce Grove, right outside Edmonton.

It was better in Winnipeg last year. Not too many Kings fans, but it was a lot of fun. Everybody was good. It probably helped that as season ticket holder for the Jets I knew everybody around me, so although I had my Kings jersey on it was a good time. But even going in and out and concessions people were much better and friendlier than Edmonton, nobody shouting insults or trying to fight me, 15000 vs 1 like EDM.
Went to a Lacrosse game here in Calgary with some buddies. We were making fun of the cheer leaders about how slutty they looked, and how they mus t have no respect. Just joking around but pretty crude stuff. Turns out we were sitting with all of their families. I have no idea how a dad did not punch us. I would not have blamed him if he had, and would have just took it.

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