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02-14-2013, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Sonny Crockett View Post
Just stating the facts so I'll just consider the source and ignor your homer comments because apparently you have no idea what your talking about looking through the rose colored glasses. Order another cup of kool aid!
I call it like I see it, no rose colored glasses here. I just thought there were some holes in your original post that made me question whether you've seen this team all year or not.

1) Last night was their single worst performance of the year. They mailed it in, half-a**ed it, etc. Combine that with the fact that they did that against Plymouth and you get what happened last night. However, I don't think one game is representitive of what we'll see out of Saginaw the rest of the year. They've beaten too quality teams for me to say that they'll fall over and die they rest of the way. They will cool down some. But last night is not what will continue the rest of the way.

2) Ringuette is not a train wreck. He's OK, not great, not a guy I want to build my defense around but OK. He had (along with everyone else) a very poor game. Again I'm not going to call him a train wreck after one very very bad game. And in three years while Ringuette has never finished very high in the plus he has never finished in the minus. So again he's OK, but by no means is he a train wreck.

3) Glass is not great and it shows, but he had to play since Webermin was out again.

4) 4 players are -10 or more. Lopez (scratch), Addison (Rookie), Sutch (third line), and Perklin (scratch). In fact of all the players that are in the minus playing for Saginaw this year (8 total) 5 are rookies. The other 3 are Trafford (should be cut after this year), Sutch (gone after this year), and Perklin (questionable if we should keep him). I think it would be hard to find alot of teams that have rookies that are in the plus on an 8th place team.

5) If you wanted to bring up a point why not bring up the fact that Sutch is playing on the PP. Why? He has no offensive game, and it shows as our PP has been in free fall. But you probably wouldn't know that since you haven't seen Saginaw play.

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