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02-14-2013, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by VikingNuck View Post
Funny convo ill join in

For me it's

1. Icehockey
2. Soccer - But as Justinov says, we have it on ALL channels everyday in Denmark, they even show, Russian, Brasillian, Mexican leagues and such. SO yeah it's tiring. Also Soccer has become soooo predictable it's boring!
3. Handball, man I love this sport, soooo underrated! It's funny in Denmark there is a concensus that Handball players are feminin and girly while Soccer is masculine and manly. But in fact Handball as a sport and the players is very tough and tumble.. Much more so than Soccer. And more often than not, Soccer players are metrosexual duchebags!
4. Badminton - How can you not love such a vibrant sport Im proud of our Danish herritage in that sport.
5. Ski Jumping - just love it, I can watch it for hours

Sports I hate - Basketball, so boring!


American Football, I never understood the fuss, and never will.. To me it's one big advertisement! Nothing else.
American football is starting to actually grow on me,we have ESPN America here in Latvia so we havee access to NFL and NCAA football,and i like it personally maybe i`m just weird like that

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