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02-14-2013, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by BeerandHockey View Post
Man I love the Sens, but this is gonna be a **** storm the rest of the year. Even the 2 goals they have this game are trash. They cant hit the net and it is an AHL team in NHL jerseys
I've seen comment like this several times now about them being a AHL team... Weird because the only players that could be considered "AHLers" are Zibanejad, Silfverberg, Wiercioch, Da Costa and Benoit.

I would argue that the only real "AHLer" is Andre Benoit. Others are some of our best prospects. Well, I would add Daugavins as an AHLer but guys like Smith, O'Brien, Condra, Lundin certainly aren't AHLers.

It's just that it's hard for a team to dominate when you substract their best players. doh. I really don't think it's fair to pile on remaining Sens players. None of all the **** that has happened so far is their fault

Originally Posted by Topside View Post
I've said this before but Sidney Crosby is an inspiration to me. He makes me want to exercise more and eat healthy so that I can one day celebrate his death.
lol pathetic

Even for jokes, you don't say things like this. Death is a serious thing

Originally Posted by OgieO View Post
I can't wait until Gonchar is off this team. He's terrible and I cringe whenever he's on the ice.
Care what you wish for.

Originally Posted by BK201 View Post
Honestly after the frustrating lock out, the team completely pissing me off, spezza going down, Cowen with season ending surgery, now Karlsson I'm loosing my ****ing patience with this ****. I gotta step back and just be casual. That's what I'm doing I shouldn't be this worked up.
I'm curious to know why?

Originally Posted by goboboy View Post
It was never going to work with Alfredsson and Karlsson

This could be the wakeup call Melnyk needs to blow up the team, there's no point being mediocre year after year
I'd rather think that posts like this are just some trolling from non-Sens fans than pure idiocy

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