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02-14-2013, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Really Long Username View Post
If Karlsson makes a full recovery by next year, i think this injury will help us long term.

I'm as hurting as alot of you guys. This is without a doubt the worst day of my life, no joke. Karlsson was one of the reasons i couldn't wait to watch a hockey game.Watching him play instantly brightened up my day, every day. His display of excitement was a thing i was always thinking about. The best player and the most exciting hockey player in the world.

As great as karlsson it was evident that we definitely needed another franchise player besides Spezza.We rely way too muh on these guys.Still With just those two we would be contenders in the future with our prospects. But now that we most likey will get a a player who will be a star , in the real of spezza , we will most likely be THE best team in the league. With a core of Spezza/Erik / Jones or/ Mack plus, the amazing depth we have. I think we will be the team to beat when erik is back , better than ever.

Erik/ Spezza made us a top ten team. Erik Spezza and Franchise talent will makes us the cream of the crop.

Sorry my gramma , ive had a bit to drink
wow, some people are blessed.

Originally Posted by balaclava brian View Post
Someone made a joke about the Sens board being on suicide watch. Maybe it shouldn't have been a joke judging by some of the responses here.

Yes, his injury is horrible. However, no one knows the extent of the injury or the impact it will have, if any, on his career. I can understand people being upset, but now is really the time to step back, take a breath and begin thinking positively.
And I see it as a reason to begin appreciating the things we have, because losing them could be fast and easy

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