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02-14-2013, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by BrodeurRULES View Post
Oilers are no better in that deparment!!!!!!! He took out 3 guys and I was lucky enough to have Tang. to come back next game. lol Its bad when you got Babchuk playing LW 2nd line because I had injuries right before the PO. Although, the last two games he got the first goals of the game in first two mins.

I am on to you DevilzFan!!!!!!!! You taking out my guys won't let you win the series.
Game 1 we both got through with no problems. Somehow just off the opening faceoff in Game 2, Gagne goes skating and bumps Vrbata (although not a hit, just the two CPU controlled players skating in the same spot). The physics engine ****s the bed and Vrbata goes flopping and injures his knee. Later in the game he gives Alec Martinez a concussion so he's out for the remainder of the playoffs no matter how far I go. And then in game 3 he injures Luca Sbisa for 7 more games, so he's out at least for this series and possibly most of the next series (if I advance), regardless of how many games this one goes. Shenanigans.

Originally Posted by Devil X View Post
Hey if i am not going to win at least going to soften you up for the next round!!
If I knew that was your approach, I would have appreciated it if you let me win game 3 then

I'm just going to pretend that game 3 also went to overtime. Its more fun to say all 3 games went to OT. Just because you scored with 6 seconds left in regulation doesn't mean it has to be thought of any different.

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