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02-14-2013, 11:52 AM
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Too many people playing NHL2013, not enough common sense (ok, maybe just a hand full of posters).

The "trade him because his value is high" mentality is ridiculous. You'll notice that good GM's don't trade players that are the best in the league, they keep them happy and build the team around them. Could you imagine if NJ had traded Brodeur years ago because "his value is high" Silly, silly idea, most likely influenced but too much video gaming and not enough reality.

Ease off Lehner too for crying out loud. I like the guy as a prospect but he has accomplished nothing at the NHL level and will spend a few years as an NHL backup working his NHL game. We don't have to rush our young prospect because we CURRENTLY HAVE THE BEST GOALTENDER IN THE LEAGUE.

As one posted tried to explain, hockey teams and players are made up of people and inter personal relationships. Ottawa has a world class organization because management treats the layers very well and makes sound personnel decisions (Murray trading the vets to places that they want/deserve). Murray will not disrespect Andy, the team, and the fans, by trading away our best player just because he's playing lights out and we're suffering injuries. Think about how pathetic a message that is, do you really think we're going to give up and tank? Do you really want to be a fan, let alone a player, for THAT team?

Give your head a shake!

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