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02-14-2013, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Armstrong isn't supposed to cost us games, that doesn't mean he's doing a great job.
Not hurting us =/= Helping us.

I also think we have to stop with this ''White costs us games''. It's big BS. Like a sour loser looking to throw the blame on someone.
White wasn't in the line up versus TB, yet we had no problem letting a 3-0 lead slip away with 6min left in the game. Shall we blame him for that too??

Everybody on this board made fun of Laraque because he didn't want to drop the gloves recklessly and beat someone up since it would lead to a penalty. How many times did we hear ''we got to send a fax'' crap?? People were more than willing to see him drop them and beat on someone, actually they wanted it. Most said it was worth the penalty, that at least it sent a message.

Now White does it, and he gets crapped on, to the point where he is to blame for the entire loss. I mean, White is sticking up for his teammates, he's sending a message that we don't care if we get a penalty, you do something stupid, you'll get punches thrown at you. How does our team respond? They can't kill the penalty, the coach benches him, and then ridicules him in the media. Great Job.

I applaud White. I want him in the line up. He didn't play bad, he's smart defensively, he crashes the net, he's in the opposition's face, he fights and he hits hard. I don't care that he drops his gloves and pounds away Ott's face. Ott was trying to intimidate Gallagher all game, let him get a beating, that's fine. The rest of the team should stick up for White, not push him aside. Not to mention, he also scored a goal.

White takes a penalty for a good cause, you can argue it's stupid, but still, it's for a good cause. You kill the damn power play, swing back all the momentum your way and go for the win. If you don't, it's easy to blame the guy that took the penalty, but the guys on the PK are there to kill it, not let a goal in.
You win and lose as a team. White doesn't deserves the crap he got.

Armstrong brings nothing, or at least hasn't so far. We can easily replace him on our PK, and it's not like we're excelling there. Other than that, he hasn't agitated the opposition once, he hasn't delivered one hard check, he hasn't created much of anything offensively. If he did those things, I'd be all for keeping him in. But at this point, I rather have White in.
Agreed. White is the team whipping boy right now. He did what he thought he was expected to do and has been nailed to the pressbox for it. Armstrong has been slow, intermittently uninvolved, and not a physical deterrent whatsoever.

As you said a timely penalty kill or a successful Budaj freeze of the puck with 1.9 seconds to go takes the scapegoat label off White. He's a useful player, which I don't see in Armstrong. Not to mention this year White has won almost 2 out of 3 faceoffs there is potential for him to be a specialist in this area.

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