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Originally Posted by LSCII View Post
As someone who never gave a crap what Dale said (usually because it was woefully uninformed, dumb, or flat out wrong), I can honestly say that doesn't surprise me he'd say that. The shootout is an abomination and a horrible way to end a game. I'd rather they just go back to a tie after a single OT period if they're not willing to go multiple OTs.

FWIW, only foo foo soccer fans like that shoot out crap because well, it's soccer, and it sucks too...
I'd prefer they go 4 on 4 for 5 minutes and 3 on 3 for another 5 and then end in a tie after that. Gives a little something for both the "novice" fans who hate ties and the diehards.

I'm a soccer fan, I don't care for the shootout other than it seems to keep the casual fan coming back, which the NHL needs as a business.

Basketball's the one that sucks.

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